Funding for Consultants Premised / Private Hospitals

Sourcing a wide range of innovative and competitive finance and loan packages for requirments above £100,000 tailored to the needs of medical consultants

Medical Consultant Finance

Our healthcare division is run by an ex specialist healthcare banker with over 20 years experience working for one of the major specialist healthcare lenders looking after medical practices, medical consultants and other healthcare professionals just like you.

At Sterling Capital Reserve, we recognise that the healthcare sector is different.

We can help if you are a Medical Consultant:-

  • Working in the NHS
  • With a private medical practice
  • Looking to purchase premises to use as your own private consulting rooms
  • Within a group looking to purchase premises for private consulting rooms
  • Within a group looking to purchase and convert property for private consulting rooms and minor procedures
  • Within a group looking to build a private hospital
  • Looking for funding to purchase equipment
  • Disillusioned with your current financial lender

We have many contacts with the major banks together with specialist niche healthcare lenders, and we know the types of deals that are synonymous with the Medical Consultant sector.

For medical consultants, we are able to arrange up to 100% funding (often this can include legal fees and internet roll up facility) for:

  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Refinance
  • Business Refinance
  • Private hospital building and fitting out costs
  • Business Expansions
  • Fixtures and Fittings / Refurbishment / Medical Equipment

You can be confident that we will source an appropriate funding structure for you.

We have had some notable successes, both for medical practices, medical consultants and other healthcare professionals, a few of which can be read about in our healthcare funding case studies.

Medical Consultant Funding Case Studies

  • Loan of £544,000 - 90% LTV funding for medical consultant to purchase property for use as private consulting rooms. Capital and interest repayment over 20 years but with an option to take 50% of the loan on interest only basis for any term within that period -Bank’s written down security value £424k leaving potentially £130k unsecured – doctor gave a supporting limited second charge over family home for the balance. Interest rate margin inline with GP surgery funding rates.
  • Funding of £180,000 approved to enable consultant to buy into private medical consultants practice. All goodwill. Finance on a secured and or unsecured basis arranged. Very competitive secured and unsecured interest rates have been agreed.
  • 10-year finance has been agreed for consultant to buy into a private consultancy practice covering both goodwill and premises funding. Governments NLFG interest rate discount has been approved
  • Funding approved for group of consultants to purchase, develop and upgrade practice / surgery premises. Charge over target premises but no personal deed security has been requested by the lender Governments NLGS interest rate discount has been approved.
  • Multi consultancy funding approved to enable a group to buy into existing profitable medical practice. Lender happy to fund either goodwill buy in (unsecured) and part consultancy / surgery premises. Governments NLGS interest rate discount has been approved