Pharmacists Finance and Pharmacy Funding

Sourcing a wide range of innovative and competitive finance and loan packages for requirements above £100,000 tailored to the needs of pharmacists and pharmacies

At Sterling Capital Reserve we recognise that the healthcare sector is different.

Our healthcare division is run by an ex specialist healthcare banker with over 20 years experience working for one of the major specialist healthcare lenders looking after pharmacies, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals just like you.

We can help if you are:-

  • A pharmacist wishing to purchase your own pharmacy?
  • An established pharmacy wishing to finance an expansion or additional pharmacy purchase?
  • A pharmacist looking to buy out a partner / partner buy in?
  • A new or established pharmacy requiring finance for new equipment?
  • A pharmacy looking for pharmacy funding?
  • A pharmacy looking for factoring?
  • A pharmacist disillusioned with your current financial lender?

We have many contacts within the major banks, together with specialist niche healthcare lenders, and we know the types of deals that are synonymous with this sector.

We are able to arrange funding for pharmacies, with or without wholesale product support.

Possible pharmacy funding needs include:

  • Business / Property Acquisition
  • Property Refinance
  • Setting up pharmacy squats
  • Pharmacy Refurbishment
  • Business / Goodwill Acquisitions
  • Business Expansions
  • Partner Buyouts
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Practice Loans
  • Factoring

You can be confident that we will source an appropriate funding structure for you.

We have had some notable successes obtaining pharmacy funding and finance for pharmacists, a few examples of which are described below. To see more examples, as well as our successes in other areas of the healthcare industry, take a look at our healthcare funding case studies.

Pharmacy Funding and Pharmacists Finance Case Studies

  • Loan of £474,000 - 80% LTV requested for the purchase of a 100 hour pharmacy – pharmacist never owned a pharmacy before - Not something lenders are particularly attracted to. Capital and interest repayment offered and agreed over  10 years in line with standard pharmacy repayment terms. Loan was approved subject to serviceability which proved to much of a challenge given the additional costs associated with 100 hour contracts. In the event Loan agreed @ 72% LTV which was serviceable and met all parties requirements.
  • Loan of £574,000 – 80% LTV - approved on a capital and interest basis over a 10 year term for an establish pharmacist who has a number of pharmacies already but wanted to start to an additional relationship with a second lender to widen their current and future funding options.
  • Loan of £3,600,000 – 80% LTV – approved for a relatively young pharmacist to purchase a group of pharmacies. Extended family are experienced pharmacists and on hand to mentor. Capital and interest over 10 years with option for a 2 yr capital repayment holiday. No additional security.
  • Loan of £1,250,000 – 75% LTV – approved for an establish pharmacist looking to add to their portfolio of pharmacies. Arranged through a different lender to current bankers as client wanted to start to additional relationships with other lenders.
  • Loan £1,300,000 – 70% LTV- approved to an experienced pharmacist who has had day to day experience managing a pharmacy within a group but not owned a pharmacy. Repayment over 10 years on a capital and interest basis – option for 2 yr capital repayment holiday. No additional security required.