Vet Loan Finance and Funding

Sourcing a wide range of innovative and competitive finance and loan packages for requirements above £100,000 tailored to the needs of vets and veterinary practices

Vet Loan Finance and Vet Funding

At Sterling Capital Reserve we recognise that the healthcare sector is different, and we are able to source a wide range of innovative and competitive finance and loan packages specifically tailored to the needs of vets and veterinary practices.

Are you :-

  • A vet wishing to purchase your own veterinary practice?
  • An established veterinary practice wishing to finance an expansion?
  • A vet looking to buy out a partner or buy into a veterinary practice?
  • A new or established veterinary practice requiring finance for new equipment?
  • A vet looking for practice funding?
  • A veterinary surgery disillusioned with your current financial lender?
  • A vet looking to purchase property for a veterinary assistant?

Then we would like to hear from you.

Our healthcare division is run by an ex specialist healthcare banker with over 20 years experience working for one of the major specialist healthcare lenders looking after vets and other healthcare professionals just like you.

We have many contacts with the major banks together with specialist niche healthcare lenders, and we know the types of deals that are synonymous with this sector.

100% funding for vets was until recently almost a given, as was the availability of very significant unsecured lending. Whilst this is still available from some lenders, it is no longer a formality, and only “to the right individuals for the right deal”. The ability to convince a lender that you are that person and this is the right deal is where Sterling Capital Reserve can help.

Possible vet funding needs include:

  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Refinance
  • Veterinary Refurbishment
  • Practice purchase including property,
    goodwill and equipment
  • Business Expansions
  • Partner buyouts / buy ins
  • Fixtures and Fittings / Refurbishment
  • Practice Loans

You can be confident that we will source an appropriate funding structure for you.

We have had some notable successes obtaining vet loans, funding and finance packages for vets, a few examples of which are described below. To see more examples, as well as our successes in other areas of the healthcare industry, take a look at our healthcare funding case studies.

Vet Loan Funding and Vet Finance Case Studies

  • Loan £450,000- 80% LTV- repayable on a capital and interest basis over 15 years to enable a vet to relocate from one of their leasehold premises to a more accessible freehold “shed” on a small business park. Loan package achieved was significantly better than current bankers were able to offer. Current funding left with present bankers but deal not only allowed the relocation to take place but opened up a second line of funding all available on highly competitive terms.
  • 100% unsecured loan of £300,000 approved for a vet to purchase a share in a well established veterinary practice. Loan repayable on a capital and interest basis over a 15 year term form anticipated bonuses / dividends that have been a feature @ the practice for many years.
  • Unsecured loan of £80,000 - 80% LTV – to enable vet to purchase a share in a veterinary practice. Deal obtained was better than that offered by practice bankers of vets own personal bank. Capital and interest repayment over 10 years.
  • Unsecured loan £50,000 – 90% LTV – to enable vet to buy into the practice she was currently working at. 10 yr C&I repayment.